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Cover Immediate Business Needs With a Cash Advance

Many small businesses are forced to close their doors because costs come up before the cash flow comes in. Others put off expanding and growing their business because the funds just aren’t there.  Feel like your business is facing the same problems?

A cash advance is an easy way to cover your immediate business needs and keep your business operating smoothly.  Whether you need to make payroll, order new equipment, cover outstanding debt, or begin an advertising campaign to bring in more business, a cash advance can be the solution you are looking for.

Cash Advance for Business

A cash advance is the fastest way to cover your immediate business needs.  Unlike a bank loan, there is no waiting for approval, no stacks of paperwork to deal with, and you don’t have to provide any collateral.  In two weeks or less you can have an infusion of cash to take care of all your needs and take advantage of any exciting opportunities for growth. 

SBGA’s capital funding solutions can get you the cash advance you need to take care of your business.  With SBGA there are no hidden fees or agendas; you’re in control of how you use your cash advance, and you simply repay your advance through your future credit card sales.  SBGA can help you keep your business running at its best with a quick and easy cash advance