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Recurring billing is essentially a payment convenience for your customers. It means that your customers can have their credit cards directly billed for services or products without having to pay a paper bill. It is also something that a business establishment will quickly discover helps keep cash flow coming in.

Companies in the service industry will find recurring billing extremely useful, such as health clubs, magazine publications, and insurance companies. In fact, any company that provides a service or product on an uninterrupted monthly basis to a customer base can benefit from recurring billing schedules. With recurring billing, your customers can expect to have their products and services from your business, and you can expect to have an on-time payment guaranteed at each and every billing cycle. 


Recurring billing is a feature that many customers have requested and appreciate. While your customers enjoy not having to worry about sending in bill payments, you will no longer have to worry about sending out and receiving invoices to collect payments. With recurring billing, your accounts receivable will decrease as your cash available increases every month – all with no administrative work from you.