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All businesses need to set aside certain funds that will meet the costs of repairs and other unexpected expenses that will be incurred during the operation of the business.

However, not all businesses are able to afford in setting aside a certain amount to meet these eventualities especially for small business startups that have a limited funding source intended for their business operation.

Knowing that setting aside business funds is important, small business owners need to grow their capital in order to afford paying for costly repairs of their property or equipment or to sustain the payment of unexpected costs that are needed to continue the operation of their business.

For small businesses that are short of funds, getting a small business loan might suffice in growing their contingency fund. There are banks that can offer you a business loan at a very low interest rate.

There are also other lenders whom you can borrow a money as capital for your business and from which you can take a portion of the business funds to pay for unexpected costs and repairs. You can also employ a strategy of building funds by setting aside a small portion of your income every month and use it to pay for the unexpected costs that you will encounter from time to time.

This way you have your own business funds to turn to in case of contingencies such as the need to repair important equipment without the need to take out a loan or pay for interests. A well established business plan should include a contingency fund that should be set aside to pay the costs in case of emergencies that could hamper the business operation.